“Time Flies” – A Reflection on My Four Years at College

I know it is beyond cheesy and cliche to say, but time really does fly when you’re having fun. I remember my first day as a Stockton Osprey like it was yesterday. I was one of the first accepted into Stockton’s EOF-AC Inaugural cohort. My mother had dropped me off at campus and helped me move into my new residential hall. From that day forward, I was searching for something more, experiences and opportunities that would transform me into my future self. There’s a saying that “you find yourself in college”. I can truthfully say that although this is something I am still working on, Stockton has helped me every step of the way in doing so. As an active member of my sorority Delta Phi Epsilon, as well as my EOF program, I was able to make hundreds of meaningful and important connections, as well as volunteer my time to giving back to various charities. Some of which include The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, ANAD, and The Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation. Additionally, my four years as an Admissions Ambassador have created such a positive impact on my professional career. I feel honored to know that in sharing my love and passion for Stockton University, I have been able to help prospective students decide to choose Stockton as their next home away from home.

As a proud member of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University, I can confidently say that joining a sorority has made my college experience more memorable and fulfilling. I had the honor and privilege of being elected a philanthropy coordinator for 2 years straight within the organization. In doing so, I was able to coordinate and plan huge philanthropic events with Stockton University students and give back to my community. Being a part of a transcendent organization, or something bigger than yourself, is a truly rewarding and incomparable experience that I feel all college students should get the opportunity to do. In addition to all of the philanthropic, community service, and other volunteer work I have done for Delta Phi Epsilon, I have been able to make meaningful connections along the way, both personal and professional. I was able to find my true identity after joining a sorority. With the help and support of my sisters, I was also able to personally thrive and grow. I am forever grateful for taking the initiative and going out for the sorority recruitment process.

As I look back now as a graduating senior, one piece of advice I would give to new students coming to Stockton would be to get involved. If you think a club or organization might be interesting or fun, sign up! Don’t waste any time, and don’t allow yourself to have any regrets.

Your fellow adventure-seeker and friend,

– Ambassador Alexa Raparelli


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