My Journey to Stockton

Future Osprey: “Why did you choose Stockton?”  Me: Stockton was a place where I saw myself grow and taking on new chances and opportunities that I would not have at other Universities  It was my senior year of high school, and everyone was discussing where they were applying to college. I had absolutely no clueContinue reading “My Journey to Stockton”

My Home Away From Home: An Out-of-State Student’s Transition to Stockton

Being an out-of-state Osprey has been a unique and exciting experience. I was definitely nervous starting at a school where I knew no one. I felt out of place at first because Stockton’s student population was mostly from New Jersey, so everyone was familiar with the geography, local towns, and Jersey slang. In my firstContinue reading “My Home Away From Home: An Out-of-State Student’s Transition to Stockton”

From Antisocial to Distinguished University Ambassador: “My Journey to Making Friends in College”

I’ve never been too good at socializing. I would always allow myself to overthink my way out of talking to someone. Which is definitely not the best strategy for your first year at college. You’re probably wondering why someone whose job it is to literally socialize would be writing about being terrible at socializing. ThatContinue reading “From Antisocial to Distinguished University Ambassador: “My Journey to Making Friends in College””

Greek Life is the Life for me (and maybe you too)

Walking onto Stockton’s campus for the first time there are many different things you’ll take note of and end up seeing almost every day for the next 4 years. I remember when I came to Stockton on my first campus tour and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful foliage surrounding LakeContinue reading “Greek Life is the Life for me (and maybe you too)”

Zoom University, Anxiety, and a Full Plate

The coronavirus pandemic has not only affected the physical health of millions of people around the world but also their mental health. Since the pandemic began, quarantining and social distancing became the new norm. Although this is still the case, it is very important to try to maintain healthy and safe social interactions with friendsContinue reading “Zoom University, Anxiety, and a Full Plate”

My Top 10… Favorite Foods on Stockton’s Campus

Hi guys, Carly here! Today I wanted to talk about arguably the most important thing when it comes to not only picking a college but living on campus… food. I don’t know about everyone else, but my mom served as my very own personal chef for the first 18 years of my life. From homemadeContinue reading “My Top 10… Favorite Foods on Stockton’s Campus”

A Tale of COVID-19 Quarantine

Hello again friends,  I’m back again with more adventures of life as a college student during a pandemic. There have been an immense amount of people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a young (relatively healthy) human, I wasn’t extremely concerned about getting COVID, but was mainly concerned for those around me. However, when IContinue reading “A Tale of COVID-19 Quarantine”

My Latina Role Models

Hi! My name is Jazzlyne Muñiz and I am a current junior here at Stockton University. My major is Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Investigation and a minor in Victimology & Victim Services. Being Puerto Rican and coming to a school that was way out of my element was definitely a scary experience.Continue reading “My Latina Role Models”