From Antisocial to Distinguished University Ambassador: “My Journey to Making Friends in College”

I’ve never been too good at socializing. I would always allow myself to overthink my way out of talking to someone. Which is definitely not the best strategy for your first year at college. You’re probably wondering why someone whose job it is to literally socialize would be writing about being terrible at socializing. ThatContinue reading “From Antisocial to Distinguished University Ambassador: “My Journey to Making Friends in College””

My Stockton Story

I feel as though I have a pretty unique story as to how I made the best decision of my life.  Rewind about 4 years ago and there was me, a high school senior not sure about what college he was going to attend.  When I had entered the application phase of college selection myContinue reading “My Stockton Story”

Take Time for Yourself

College can be very overwhelming. Especially when you are a very involved student. If there is anything that I have learned this semester more than anything else, it is take time for yourself. No matter what you have going on in your personal life or school life, taking time for yourself is absolutely something youContinue reading “Take Time for Yourself”

Movie Nights in the Campus Center!

Hey everyone!  My name is Kelly Kennedy and I am a Junior Hospitality and Tourism Major with a Minor in Jewish Studies! Do you love going to the movies?  Do you like free snacks?  DO YOU LOVE RAFFLES?!  Well then come down to the Campus Center every Thursday and Saturday night at 8:30 pm.  EveryContinue reading “Movie Nights in the Campus Center!”

Five Tips for Applying

  Applying to college and graduate programs can be very stressful and nerve racking, trust me! My physician assistant program application opens tomorrow and I am a tad bit nervous. However here are some tips to get you through the process!   RESEARCH. The first step is to figure out if you want to apply forContinue reading “Five Tips for Applying”

Studying Abroad

Hola amigos! My name is Shelby Alvord and I am a Language and Cultural Studies major with a concentration in Spanish (basically a Spanish major, Stockton just makes me sound fancier than I am). Stockton has many amazing things to offer on campus, but for some students, we simply need to explore more. Stockton offersContinue reading “Studying Abroad”

How to Survive the Graduate School Application Process

Graduate school is hard enough, but getting here was even harder. I know this for a fact because I went through this process last year. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Communication Disorders program here at Stockton University, and I will be graduating in May 2018! The graduate school application processContinue reading “How to Survive the Graduate School Application Process”

Surviving Your Last Semester of College: 5 Tips for Making it to Graduation

  Hello all! My name is Sara Elliott and I am a senior Literature major with a concentration in Education. I just finished my student teaching experience last week and have only a few weeks to go until graduation. Take it from me, when you get to your last semester of college there is nothingContinue reading “Surviving Your Last Semester of College: 5 Tips for Making it to Graduation”

Beginning the Teacher Education Program at Stockton

My name is Danny Komack, I am a sophomore majoring in History and concentrating in Education. At the end of this spring semester I will be completing my Instructional Technology Class for K-12 Teachers. This class is about virtual teaching and ways to communicate with your students outside of the classroom by going online. AfterContinue reading “Beginning the Teacher Education Program at Stockton”

An Osprey Takes on D.C.

Hi! My name is Onestie Jackson and I am a junior at Stockton, what if I told you that you could live and work in Washington, D.C. for a semester and earn actual Stockton credits for it. Well you can! The Washington Center (TWC), in Washington, D.C., pulls students from all over the world toContinue reading “An Osprey Takes on D.C.”