From Antisocial to Distinguished University Ambassador: “My Journey to Making Friends in College”

I’ve never been too good at socializing. I would always allow myself to overthink my way out of talking to someone. Which is definitely not the best strategy for your first year at college. You’re probably wondering why someone whose job it is to literally socialize would be writing about being terrible at socializing. ThatContinue reading “From Antisocial to Distinguished University Ambassador: “My Journey to Making Friends in College””

The Stages of Graduate School Acceptance Purgatory

By: Ambassador Pratixa Rana Hello EVERYONE! Ambassador Pratixa here! I am a senior, (graduating in 2 weeks YAY!) Health Science major with a concentration in Communication Disorders. One of the biggest lies about college is how everyone expects senior year to be the easiest. Even though senioritis does take over in many situations it isContinue reading “The Stages of Graduate School Acceptance Purgatory”

The Office of Student Development

There are several important offices upstairs in the campus center on Stockton’s campus. For example, Academic Advising will help you make sure you complete all your degree requirements and Financial Aid will help ensure you can pay for college. One lesser known department is the Office of Student Development. This office oversees all of the clubs and organizations onContinue reading “The Office of Student Development”

“You Took a Class About What!?”

Back in 2013, I had a very tough time deciding which school I should attend. One thing in particular that drew me to Stockton was the liberal arts curriculum. The purpose of a liberal arts education is to help mold a person into a virtuous, ethical, and knowledgable person. Over the years, I have takenContinue reading ““You Took a Class About What!?””

Three of the Best Towns to Visit Near Stockton

Stockton University is already known for its distinguished academics and its beautiful campus environment, but what seems to be an underrated bonus, is its proximity to many awesome towns nearby. There are three towns in particular that I love to go to whenever I get the chance to venture off campus. Philadelphia Who doesn’t loveContinue reading “Three of the Best Towns to Visit Near Stockton”

Trust me…I’m almost a nurse

“Hello, my name is Morgan and I am going to be your student nurse from Stockton University today.”  These are my first words that passionately are spoken every time I walk into a patient’s room at clinical. I a a proud senior graduating in nursing this spring! I am confident that I will be preparedContinue reading “Trust me…I’m almost a nurse”

Top 5 Places to Eat Off Campus

Although Stockton boasts a variety of great places to eat on campus, it’s always nice to try new food off campus. Fortunately, there are hundreds of amazing eateries just minutes away from Stockton. Here are my personal top five: 1. The Exchange The Exchange actually contains a multitude of options similar to a typical food court.Continue reading “Top 5 Places to Eat Off Campus”

Strangers to Friends

Prior to entering my freshman year at Stockton, I only knew a few people who committed to Stockton through a Stockton Class of 2016 Facebook group. Of these few people, it also included those select few from my high school too. So basically, the last week in August when I moved into my residence hall it was me,Continue reading “Strangers to Friends”

Artwork at Stockton University

No matter what you decide to major in at Stockton University, you will be exposed to magnificent pieces of art all throughout the campus. The first way you will be exposed to the artwork is through our architecture. Most of our buildings are new and built by visionaries. In the Campus Center, the heart of Stockton,Continue reading “Artwork at Stockton University”

5 Reminders for the End of the Semester

Hi, I’m Ambassador Stephanie P. I’m currently a sophomore nursing major with a minor in Holistic Health. I don’t even have to say it- it’s that time during the semester where just about everyone is stressing to get last minute presentations, papers, and studying complete. Here are a few reminders for you keep in mind asContinue reading “5 Reminders for the End of the Semester”